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Feb 10, 2023 Love Is Blind After the Altar dropped its three episodes on Friday, February 10 on Netflix, and the episodes check in on the cast members one year after the tense reunion.

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However, in the recently released Love Is Blind After The.

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I just watched the scene when she took issue with Cole saying their night was good instead of great.

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Little do they know, however, that Love Is Blind has the receipts.

At the end of Netflixs Love Is Blind Season 3, Zanab opened up about alleged abuse from her former fiancee and show mate, Cole. With Zanab, Cole, and the Cuties, Love Is Blind Accidentally Gave Us Its Most Honest Moment in 3 Seasons By Judy Berman November 9, 2022 549 PM EST.

Zanab has been under fire after the season 3 finale and. .

And while I dont disagree with that conclusion, I cant help but find Zanab equally as immature, in her own way.
As we see in the scene, Zanab picks up two clementines and Cole asks, Are you about.
Related Love Is Blind's Cole and Zanab Are they still together now Later on, when Nancy and Bartise returned to their room, the pair had a debrief about the nights' events.

Jan 7, 2023 A post shared by Zanab Jaffrey (zanabjaffrey) Zanab accused her ex-fianc, Cole, of controlling her diet in the "Love is Blind" Season 3 reunion special.

Zanab certainly has no interest in dating her Love Is Blind ex Cole ever again (and, well, he's been linked to this Bachelor Nation alum anyway).

On the Love Is Blind Season 3 reunion, Zanab and Cole faced each other for the first time since their (failed) wedding day. . .

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"Like the trying to control what I ate and me trying to. During the &39;Love Is Blind&39; reunion, Zanab brings up a moment where Cole questions her decision to eat two cuties.



Zanab has been under fire after the season 3 finale and reunion aired on Wednesday.


Oct 31, 2022 In Episode 5 of "Love Is Blind" Season 3, things got even more awkward as the couples spent more time interacting with each other.